Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Frank Lampard believes Chelsea should be 'happy with a point' against Roma


"I think it [the biggest worry] was not getting to grips with what we said at half-time, which was the switch of play.

"The wing-backs were not moving out quick enough to close down the Roma full-backs. They let them dominate the game.

"On the plus side for Chelsea, Chelsea do have a knack of scoring in the right times in games.

"They did it twice in the first-half and when you think the game is really getting away from them again, they get another goal. So they can take some credit from that.

"Chelsea are actually happy with a point here.

"I think Roma’s performance was spot-on as an away team, possession-wise, they got their deserved goals.

"Chelsea will be happy with a point, move on.

"They’ve got good results and are in a good position in the group. They’ve certainly got away with one tonight."

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