Thursday, 19 October 2017

Watch: David Luiz shouts at Conte in Italian and he has no kind words


Chelsea star David Luiz was not happy, to say the least, when Antonio Conte decided to replace him in the second half of Chelsea-Roma.

The Brazilian star was replaced in the 57th minute and did not hide his discontent for the manager’s decision. David Luiz shouted at Conte in Italian: ‘Vaffa…. mister (f… off boss, in English).

Conte admitted to have made a mistake moving David Luiz in midfield and commented his player’s reaction.

“First of all, after the first half the doctor said he had a pain in his calf and same for Bakayoko with his groin. It was a good position to protect him. I changed the system and I preferred to change” Conte said.

Watch here

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