Monday, 15 January 2018

Sudden development in Alexis Sanchez transfer leaves Chelsea in great position to steal Chilean


Chelsea’s chances of Alexis Sanchez looked about 0 a week ago. They gradually improved as whispers about the club’s interest grew over the last few days, and now news coming out of Manchester implies that a deal could really be happening.

The major development, according to the Manchester Evening News, is that Manchester City have ruled themselves out, having been put off by Arsenal’s unrealistic demands for a player with only 6 months of contract left.

This has cleared the way for Manchester United, who now lead the race, but has also meant that Chelsea are in second place, in prime position to offer the Barcelona man the kind of deal that could persuade him to give up on his dreams of going north.

In fact, the appeal of staying in London could be a major factor when it comes to luring 29 year old to Stamford Bridge.

The main stumbling block will be his wages – he is reportedly demanding £400,000 a week.

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