Monday, 19 March 2018

Goalkeeper Petr Cech reveals what he preferred at Chelsea compared to Arsenal


Petr Cech has explained the difference between the selection policies at Chelsea and Arsenal.

The goalkeeper said he ‘enjoyed’ playing for Chelsea – and how team selection was decided on a ‘game by game’ basis.

Cech compared that to the current situation at Arsenal, where David Ospina has emerged as the club’s preferred goalkeeper over Cech in cup competitions.

The 35-year-old, appearing as a guest on BBC’s Match of the Day coverage of Chelsea’s FA Cup quarter final win at Leicester, said: “At Chelsea we never decided which competition you play, it was a game by game process.

“If you kept playing well then you were fit and you didn’t need rest then the manager had his choice to pick the goalkeeper for the competitions.

“Sometimes I would sit a game out or be on the bench but it would not be decided, ‘You play this competition, you play this competition’.

“I enjoyed that because I love this competition for example, to be involved and play FA Cup games. Any other competition makes it a bit more spicy and special.”

When asked by Gary Lineker if he feels frustrated by not playing in FA Cup games, Cech replied: “Well, you have to respect the way your manager sets up the team or what he plans for the season.

“I had known prior to the season that David would play the FA Cup games. Obviously I would love to play the competition as well but you have to respect the manager’s decisions.

“I ended up playing the quarter-final and semi-final [last season], but then I didn’t play the final so I had some part in the process.

“It’s about respecting your colleague and your coach’s decision. Obviously you can tell you would prefer the other way but it’s the decision of the coach.”

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