Thursday, 26 April 2018

Chelsea fans in Solidarity with Conte amidst rumors of him leaving


Chelsea have been on the brink of a crisis for most of the season but there are plenty of teams up and down the country who would take reaching the final of the FA Cup in any campaign.

Sunday’s 2-0 Wembley win over Southampton appears to have put Antonio Conte – who has spent much of the season acting like a man who wants to leave Stamford Bridge – back into the good books of some Blues fans as they stand just one match away from ending the season with silverware.

Also, the calibre of manager that is being touted to replace the Italian has not exactly grabbed the imagination of the Blues’ faithful either, which means that some of them are now coming round to the idea of him staying on beyond the end of the season.

While some expect Conte to ‘do an LvG’ and be sacked within hours of the FA Cup final, we’ve taken a look at some Chelsea fans who want him to stay on…

Of all those names Conte is clearly the best. Just let him stay on.

— Chickenbutt (@DJGrint) April 25, 2018

Don’t want him to leave

— Dave Marriott (@davehassan84) April 25, 2018

I think and HOPE #conte stays after this season. If @ChelseaFC win the @FA cup and qualify for @ChampionsLeague, then why not?!

— Garrith Holloway (@GGGarrith) April 25, 2018

Mourinho 8
Conte 4
Enrique 2
Jardim 1
Pochettino 0
Tuchel 0
Sarri 0
We’re starting to aim at coaches with fewer and fewer qualifications. It’s better to stick with a top coach and allow him to have a bad season.

— Gary Sampson (@TheRealG____) April 25, 2018

Big mistake they@chelseafc are making in letting him go

— Ofenda (@Ofenda01) April 25, 2018

Personally I don’t think it’s certain he will be replaced. If Roman wants to change approach and give a manager more time to develop a winning squad, he will do it with the present manager. To say you’ll do it with the next one is not really changing approach.

— Gary Sampson (@TheRealG____) April 25, 2018

Despite all the strife surrounding Conte, I am coming round to the idea that keeping him is the best option. The other managers out there don’t even rank in the conversation with Antonio.

This blip is not entirely his fault. Chelsea has systemic issues that go beyond Conte.

— Daniel Hill (@idanknow05) April 25, 2018

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